The Antonius Ra Collection Presents:
The World of Stamps
Most complete collection of classic World wide stamps on the internet.
Over 225 countries for viewing and reference
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Cape Verde, Pakistan, Yemen, Untited Nations, Wallis and Futuna

Recent major updates:
Italy, Bolivia, Peru, Finland, Greece, Uruguay, Ecuador

(I am in the process of adding thousands of pages of later issues for most countries)

It is hoped that this site will become a valuable resource for the world wide stamp community.
The primary goal however has always been to show non collectors the reason why Philately is the King of hobbies.
Few other hobbies have such a mass of material to work with.
No other hobbies present such an incredible learning experience of human endeavor (for good or ill).
Whether it be History, Geography, Art, Science, Religion, Politics, Sociology, Architecture etc etc
stamps show it all in a meaningful time line.

To me, stamps have an irresistible romanticism to them.
Pondering the history and meaning of a stamp and imagining the journey of this fragile piece of paper throughout the years.
Hopefully this site will stand long after I have passed and instructions have been left to see that it is so.

**If you would like to contribute stamps to the collection/library they would be most appreciated**
Most collectors are not sure what should become of their collections after they have passed.
Please consider sharing them with the world.

This site is dedicated to my father Gene R. Ward who introduced me to collecting in 1958.
Also to my boyhood neighbor in Shrub Oak NY, Herman Hearst jr.
His philatelic library was an inspiration to me that has never passed.
I wish he was still alive to see what that little kid's been up to.

This is an ongoing project and I will be adding material periodically.
I try to be very careful to I.D. and place stamps in their proper spaces.
If you see something you feel is incorrect or have another question or comment,
please send me an email

A bit about me on my Ebay "me" page

My undying gratitude goes to Bill Seymour for saving this site and hosting it!!!

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