1873 Lima Llama

There seems to be many more forgeries of this issue than the genuine stamp
Many a collector is fooled by the fakes, in fact Scott shows a forgery in their catalog.
Color is not really a consideration as I have seen both in the different shades,
although the fakes are usually Deep Ultramarine.
NOTE: The forgeries are also embossed as are the originals

Genuine (left)
1. The White ground beneath the feet of the Llama is solid, excepting faint dashes running the length below middle.
2. The Llamas' tail touches the right frame line.
3. "C" of correo is aligned vertically

Forgeries (right)
1. The White ground beneath the LLama is broken with blotches of Ultramarine.
2. The tail does not touch the right frameline.
3. "C" of correo is slanted to the right